Why Art Now?

Use your new eyes and see the artistic horizon beam into a new perspective.  The noise in your head to create art is beaming down to your hands.  Feelings rise and fall to the temperature of your emotions with no direction.  This is ART.

As you mature into a period in your life, you realize that you need to speak to others that understand your wild passion for what you might have been doing for years all by yourself.

This is the time.  Connect with the Midland Artist Guild, MAG, in central Michigan and reach that in depth insight to the sequences of how each piece was originated and why the achievements are worth the hundreds of hours at a craft medium.

Being from all walks of beautiful life in the Tri-city, this feedback from other artists shows backgrounds, upbringing and inspiration from the entire world.  Get your art work into restaurants, enter exhibits and participate in fundraisers, find your niche in the creative neighbors that you never knew you had.

The board of the Midland Artist Guild started this site in July 2017 for blogs, interviews, displays and more.  You can request to post at any time at the e-mail site of midlandartistsguild@gmail.com.

MAG wants to shake your hand right now and say “We welcome and invite you to join our non-profit organization where you will enjoy very fresh artists where membership is a family”.