2019 September Artist of the Month Charles Bonham

“People ask me what is my favorite photograph that I have ever taken. I tell them it is the one I’m going to take tomorrow.”
-Charles Bonham

Current with curious shots of sharp photography skills, Midland resident Charles Bonham shares strong earthly energy using both of the camera and the connection of the positive universe.  With no one repeating his process, he is a true innovator of using his photographs to capture images to create higher forms of color, space and spectacular views.  With documents of time, he desires to capture themes of optimism, euphoria and contentment as these emotions prevail all of his shots of life.

The three words to describe him: Passion. Persistence. Perspective.

Waiting to his late teens, Charles wanted the edge to teach him how to use his 35 mm camera.  Library research filled his mind with books and popular magazines like Life, National Geographic and Look to guide him in all directions for subjects. Understanding art principles with a course in Photoshop, he learned how photo manipulation digitally changes how he saw ways to only improve bold shots, contrast and cropping the significant portions of his artwork.

Very often, Bonham’s images start to turn abstract as your eyes try to figure out what familiar patterns are meant in to stir in his pictures.  He experiments with aesthetics with imaginative images that are gentle in nature and builds up to a 3-D scale that you can walk into.  Compressing space and crowded images, these photos definitely calls for his choice for the long lens. He opens up the space with a wide lens where objects fill with invisible lines that come to the foreground. A professional to the tilt, he has over 4,800 images on Flickr and can be found in any search engine of his name.

“I prefer to live in a world where anything is possible or at least dreamable.”
-Charles Bonham

Realizing that audience participation from his own expressive talent, he feels satisfied when someone purchases his photographs.  Feeling shy and uncomfortable with complements, Charles still remains energized to share his newest work to the public and escalading his popularity in the visual art field.  As he jokes, “People say I have a “good eye” when it comes to photography. I usually tell them “yes it’s my left eye.”

The process and ideas involved keeps Charles up at night and states that “some photos just take time”.  He understands that the ultimate goal of feedback in any form is to try something different with a “try and try” again attitude.  Preferring to be behind the camera, he wants to enlighten or challenge viewers to think beyond beauty, right or wrong and aesthetics.  Significant to his vision of his art, Bonham’s style and colors are his signature gifts.

As far as joining as a member of the Midland Artists Guild, he immediately wanted to participate and experience the benefits of all the visual artists in the area.  It was after seeing an Art Fair in Plymouth Park many years ago.

Charles Bonham was selected for the month of 2019 in September for his wide array of professional photography concepts and his potential for the future of digital images in the artistic population of the Tri-City Area.

Flickr under the name Charles Bonham.

_DSC1644TreeB&W-infraredFB_DSC4377WhitingForest_DSC5216SantaMaria,MilkyWayFB_DSC5317LookingNorthFBDow-Gardens-Infra-RedPintOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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