2019 August Artist of the Month Jazzmyn Benitez

“The calming access to art is simple.  Teach yourself to create using unpredictable tools to make beautiful things.”

-Jazzmyn Benitez


Using the process of deliberate and arranging elements of emotions, the Midland based artist Jazzmyn Benitez is beginning a career with an array of art that appeals to all the senses. Consumed of an immediate internal thought process, she finds hope and inspiration from those around her social network of friends and mentors.

With a huge artistic leap into the unknown, Jazzmyn took the biggest piece of work an artist could dream up.  She has designed and painted a huge mural that welcomes artistic vision to all visitors of the city of Midland.  The location is on the right side where highway 10 starts.

With the name of “Connection”, the mural is on the final stages of being complete.  With a size of 16 x 40 feet on the side of the Circle Auto Parts building, spending over 85 hours to the project is paying off. Per her explanation of the contents, “the inside of earth gears of watching time, nature intertwined, with the sun symbolizing the change to the planet and the stars for the future of youth of the younger generation.”

The mural project was an artistic competition for the Midland Area Community Youth Action Council is made up of students and an advisor.  The theme this year was based on “public art” and youth philanthropy.  Philanthropy is defined as the “desire to promote the welfare of others, expressing especially of good cause”.  The advisor of the group of students, Sara Jacobs-Carter, states “Jazzmyn’s art was playful, rooted in botany and can be understood as art with just a glance.”

submitted mural concept

“People that have been supporting me and their kids showed up and allowed them to put their marks on this wall.  Other people from the community stopped to give us drinks or food or just check out what we were doing.  This is not my mural, it is our mural.”
-Jazzmyn Benitez

nighttime mural
Jazzmyn, originally from Fullterton in Orange County of California moved to Midland in 2010 for a change of pace. She is the extraverted barista at the Live Oak Coffee House here in Midland, the patient instructor at the Parker Lane Studio art courses and a freelance creative source for clients.

As her mentor and founder of Parker Lane Design Studio, Dacia Parker, states, “It has been amazing to watch Jazzmyn grow and flourish in both her skill and her confidence as an artist over these past couple of years.” Adding that she is “A patient instructor and extremely encouraging to her students.  Jazzmyn has a great heart and passions for the arts. She is a fantastic choice for doing this mural.”


Her fellow artist and collaborator on the mural project, Gessica Garber, also from Midland, paired up with the artist from the beginning.  “Every time Jazzmyn creates, it is always with purpose full of meaning and depth.”  When working, Gessica says “We are able to enjoy each other’s presence as we create, take one another’s criticism and make each other better.”

With a chill attitude and a genuine smile, her laid back personality sets the stage for a true realistic art of conversation.  She states “I want to know how you came to be and where you are at now.”  Her motive is easy.  She cares.

Contact Information:


Here on  the Midland Artists Guild web-site, we celebrate those of the artistic population of the Tri-City area.  Feel free to contact us at midlandartistsguild@gmail.com if you or a fellow artist would like to be recognized for artist of the month or new projects.


woodbegratefulflowermuralanother woodspherewavewoodleavespainted shoesunicorn shoes

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