August Artist of the Month Roger Reichmann

Roger Reichmann


Altered Artifacts

Vintage Recycled Art Work

Roger Reichmann is an international found object artist with a whole new vision of tremendous new forms named “time capsules”.  With award-winning 3D creations, his complex mechanical free standing and wall hanging projects have earned achievements from the Midland Artists Guild Juried Awards for the past 5 years.  His solo and long list of exhibits has been on display with the locations in central Michigan.  In Bay City, Michigan, he currently has multiple works displayed in the galleries at CAT Gallery and in combined artists show at Studio 23.  The work in Midland, MI has been in the gallery at the Creative 360 and Northwood University.  Over the years, Roger has built over 70 installations and has a sturdy niche of the field of mixed media.

With experiences and the distance of the past, Reichmann appeals to an audience of all ages and invites new nostalgic themes of his strength into complete themes of life. His inspirations start off with “found” objects that have collected over the years with materials of all types found or donated at antique shows and even garage sales.

The magic of his work all begins in a very orderly basement of his home.  In this interview, he expressed that he was working on three art pieces all at the same time. Roger does collaborations with other artist’s compilations that expand his range of efforts to make even more creative arrangements or scope. He savors the time of exercises and for the moments of looking for just the right elements of artistic range of the process.  The success of his work is largely in part of revisiting his projects and spending time in his mind to make work that is relevant and member able.



“I’ve found that artists live longer since they feel like there is just more things to create.  The fight of creativity never ends.”

-Roger Reichmann


Paying close attention to every detail of his work, Roger’s energy is natural with internal complexly energized, attention philosophy and tremendous wisdom for all to witness.  Starting is the hardest part for most artists, while he had the passion he creates when being alone, he didn’t know that his work was real art or not.  Even after the self-doubt started, the creative natural skills are found in his passion, commitment and displaying his visions.  The first of his pieces was mostly for his family and was overjoyed when he started off by selling two pieces of art to the chair of the Bay City Arts Council.  Validation at last!  This increased the courage for new growth and higher standards for a single voice and finding personal influences.

“Art is a taste like music.  Roger is a cross fusion of representation and patterns with a historical Jazz.”

-Tom Larson, Owner of C.A.T. Work Art Gallery

As for sustaining popularity and overcoming challenges, he always is secure that what he creates triggers exposure to emotional response from admirers.  Most take the time to focus on baby details he puts into the project and point at their favorite parts.

Reichmann is a valuable to the entire community of Midland and sets the framework of the thinking process and the wish to help others to new levels.  looks forward to presenting his craft to others and teaching in workshops in the following years to come.  For his achievements and originality,  the Midland Artists Guild would like to present the honor of Artist of the Month for August.

Contact information 989.684.1791

C.A.T. Work Art Gallery 

514 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708

(989) 893-2771

Open Monday-Friday 10 am-4 pm, Saturday 10 am-2 pm.







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