Interview of New Midland Artists Guild Blog with Victoria Miller

In the very hot visual artist interview, Victoria Miller, is proudly promoted by the Midland Artist Guild Artists blog website as the perfect artist to get to know. In March 2017, she earned the highest award-winning Best of Show, the Grand Selection for “He Who Has the Key” for last juried event at Creative 360. Miller is the blazing individual to be the one to watch and to witness her artistic flare of originality, play of foreshortening and unique subject manner.

“From the first conception of an idea, art usually comes to me as a flash and the actual starting point.” Victoria Miller

In her three words to describe her artwork is: imaginative, ambition and motivated. Miller’s significant piece “He Who Has the Key”, she quotes “successfully pulled together so much information and imagery to tell a story to the audience.” In addition, she wanted to create a complete environment to pull the eye to curiosity with a color pallet with the background music of modern piano.

As for her educational background, she earned a Bachelor’s of Art study at Saginaw Valley State University. Now Victoria has 30 years of freelance art experience in drawing, sculpting and graphic design.

Starting at drawing at the age of four, she had a long love of drawing her creative ideas. Art means to her as what is creative process of conception, starting point, and manifestation. Her idea come from a quick mental picture in mundane activities and has to jot it down a description. The final product may include mistakes yet she enjoys the progress and the final product is an enjoyable progress.

She loves to collecting different viewpoints towards from other audiences and artists solidify her feelings to be more confident. The feedback about her art, even derogatory, still evokes an emotion in that viewer so portraying the exact vision and feelings.

When Miller moved into the area and was viewing local galleries searching for a that wanted to join a group to socialize and share inspiration been a member of the Midland Artists Guild since 2002.








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