January Artist of the Month Tisch Mikhail Lewis


A major aspect of being a “successful” artist is to find the balance between creating artwork and living life.


The Midland Artists Guild would like to present the first new “Artist of the Month” of January 2018 to Tisch Mikhail Lewis of Saginaw, MI.  With long love stories about art, she gives very easy access of her professional knowledge and educational background with modesty about her international contributions and crowded audience following.

Currently her artistic professional career is at Saginaw Valley State University as the University Art Gallery Coordinator. Her responsibilities at SVSU include the skill of running the University Art Gallery where she updates social media accounts and website information, exhibition dates, event planning, artist recruiting and communication of the educational institution.

With a formal educational background, she earned her Bachelor in Fine Arts with a major in Painting from Central Michigan University.  At Delta college, she completed the Associate in Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and the transfer program in the Associate in Arts Degree.

Her wide array of mediums that include painting, drawing and printmaking, sewing, fibers, graphic design, sculpture and bookbinding.  Lewis is a practicing artist, and has participated in many international group and solo shows.

Ms. Lewis’s work was described in the Detroit Metro Times as  “The metaphoric effect remains the same: here is a body on which much has been written, by any number of people, situations, dialogues, politics, and histories. It is a body that can take it. And it is a body that deserves to be read, but only once it can write its very own story.”

“I have reached a level of proficiency with years of practice and hard work. I can never have a real excuse not to practice.”

Always carrying a sketchbook in her purse, Tisch appreciates the challenge of the art process and is not afraid of feed back from the audience or comments from a critic.  She labels her own personality traits that have pushed her forward in the art world is stubbornness. “It definitely makes it easier to ‘get back up’ after being hit with a rejection letter.  You have to be confident in yourself and know the difference between helpful and harmful critique.”  The main reason she creates work is to make an impact on the viewer, and as a form of self-healing or others by sharing my unique perspective.

Creating an award-winning piece and challenging the art process, she states “I try not to think of art in regards of if it can win an award when I’m creating it. My goal is to make the best piece I possibly can at that point in time or learn how to use new materials. If my work is in a situation where a juror can see that hard work and think it’s award worthy, that’s awesome and encouraging.”

Lewis learned of Midland Artist Guild by Allise Noble, who invited her to be the artist of the month for January 2017. I think I’ve known about MAG for longer than that through my visits at Creative 360 and other Midland venues.

Her exhibits and past achievements are available at:

Click to access tmlewis_28112017.pdf


For more information or questions:


















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